Our Team

Donna Harrison


Hi, I'm Donna! I'm the owner of Crabapple Animal Hospital as of 2001 and I've been working at the hospital since 1986.

I was born in Montvale N.J. and moved to Georgia when I was about 10 years old in 1978. After I graduated high school, I started working part-time for the original owner of the practice and came on full-time in 1989.

I truly love all animals and have had pets of my own that came to this practice. I've always enjoyed the atmosphere here as well as the people. One of my favorite things about working here and with the animals, is that I learn something new every day even after all these years and I very much enjoy the pets and their families.

Even though it sounds super cheesy, I knew the first day I came to work here that this was the job for me. It all just felt so right.

Lisa Tanner


Hi, I'm Lisa! I'm a veterinarian here at Crabapple Animal Hospital and I've been working here since 2013.

I was born, grew-up and lived in Wisconsin. I've trained dogs and horses my whole life, but didn't start veterinary practice until I graduated back in 2002. I love seeing the different personalities of the pets and watching the bond each animal has with it's owner.

I earned a BS in biological systems engineering in 1996 University of WI-Madison, then started working towards my DVM in 2002 from University WI SVM. My career began in shelter medicine, then switched to a small animal general practice. I moved to Florida for a few years, then moved to Georgia in 2013 and have been working at Crabapple AH since then.

I enjoy taking my problem-solving and engineering background and applying it living creatures. Being able to help people and animals on a daily basis, with a diversity in what I need to do daily and constantly learning really pushes me to evolve in the practice of medicine.

I'm a member of AVMA and VIN since 2002. I enjoy all aspects of small animal medicine, but have a great interest in surgery and dentistry. Both interests are very challenging, but allow for rapid changes in animals quality of life.

Anna Harrison

Veterinary Technician

Hi, I'm Anna! I'm a veterinary technician here at Crabapple Animal Hospital.

I'm a born and raised Georgian native, and I've lived in various locations in the state over the years. After I graduated high school, I went to work full-time for my mom here at the animal hospital. My original plans were to go to college to become a veterinarian, but after a lot of thought I realized that I'd rather be here, getting hands-on experience and pursuing the family business, rather than having my head buried in a book.

Growing up with parents who own an animal hospital, I kinda grew up here, so it was second nature for me to be involved in this industry. I've always loved it here as well as working with animals, but when I was younger I don't think I ever really had my head wrapped around it all. As I got older and spent more and more time here and working with everyone, I really understood what it was all about, which in the end only made me love it more. I think my favorite thing about it all is honestly the one-on-one time I spend with the animals.

Leigh Ann Gill

Pet Stylist

Hi, I'm Leigh Ann! I'm a Pet Stylist here at Crabapple Animal Hospital.

I started grooming dogs to help a local animal shelter and was taught more about grooming by a seasoned groomer who saw my potential. The Roswell/ Crabapple area is an amazing part of Georgia and, while I don't currently reside in this area, I did grow up in the area and it always keeps me coming back because of the people and the pets that do reside here.

The day I knew I was in the right profession was the day I groomed a shelter dog that had just been rescued and desperately needed a groom. The dog was completely matted and so very scared. I took my time and went slow and by the end of the groom, not only did the dog look completely different, but was acting completely different. The dog wasn't scared and was jumping on me and giving me kisses as if to say " Thank you, thank you, thank you, I was so uncomfortable and you made me feel so much better!". After that moment, I was hooked and knew the veterinary field is where I was meant to be.


Kennel Technician

Hi, I'm Colby! I'm a Kennel Technician here at Crabapple Animal Hospital.

I got my start in the veterinary industry after I met Anna. I began to work with both her and Donna in various ways to help the animal hospital. After doing this for about four years, I decided to officially join the Crabapple team to help service the people and animals that come into the clinic. For me, joining the Crabapple team was something that fit perfectly into my life and the people around me.

My biggest interests are the people and time I have outside of work. I like to relax and take hikes. Every so often I will also dive into home projects or projects to benefit the hospital itself.